We Shall Overcome- together, or not at all

We Shall Overcome- together, or not at all

I wrote this as a response to a radio show by Kira Davis in which she stated that there is no hope of a post-racial America.  Perhaps she is right, but I don’t believe she is.  I also believe if we fail to move past the racially defined history of America, then our hope of fulfilling that unfulfilled promise of freedom and liberty for all will die.  To be sure, it will be picked up by others, but not by a people called Americans.

You can listen to her show here- The Dark Side with Kira Davis

We Shall Overcome……TOGETHER…..or not at all

America began with a dream- a dream of a people whose identity would be built around an ideal, an ideal of individual liberty. She was afraid of her own ideals, and so she started by hedging her bet, defining a people within her as being 3/5 of a person.
Throughout her history she has sometimes risen to the challenge to live out the bold ideal of individual liberty and sometimes she has hedged her bets, choosing security over the uncertainty of respecting the liberty of others, choosing protection of turf over the rights of others to be free, choosing nationalism over the sovereign rights of other nations.
Her failures do not need to make her a failure. She can overcome. She can come to fulfill the promise of that ideal of freedom and liberty for all. She need not be defined by her failures, but serve as the beacon of hope to the world that such an ideal, though it prevents the powers that be of controlling outcomes and preserving their power, would be allowed to govern a whole people across all other identity-creating divides.
I believe this ideal is given to us by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but you need not believe that to recognize the value, in the natural, of holding to this ideal of freedom and liberty for all..
God gave we the Americans an opportunity to guide the world, by example, not coercion, towards this ideal of individual liberty, through how we live as a people and treat other nations around us (not by invading nations and imposing ‘freedom’ on them). If we choose to reject this blessing, the mantle will move to other peoples, other nations. Will we fulfill our promise or see our dream dissolve, only to be picked up by new peoples?  I believe that the greatest hope we have in fulfilling that dream must come from the black community.  Here’s why:

Within the black community, there must exist those who we can have a dialogue with about actual, authentic racism and injustice that does exist in America today. They need to separate themselves from those who want to meet racist views with racist views, to meet sin with sin.
There is no justification for holding an anti-white worldview. There is no justification for attempting to create a culture in which whites are assumed guilty because they are white. This attempt, mostly funded and orchestrated by rich white men, if it is embraced by the black community, will not move us towards the hope of a ‘post-racial’ America, but it will just create victims, dead black people and dead white people. Meanwhile, the rich white men orchestrating this hate will benefit from the divide.
Black America has within it an untapped treasure in human intellectual capital that is being ground down by these rich white men and the black traitors collecting their own booty from this rape of a whole community.
Black leaders who reject the attempt to meet sin with sin are needed, not just for black America, but for all of America.
We need you, our American brothers and sisters, to come forward boldly in resistance to this effort to meet sin with sin. Your views, your hurts, your pains, your hopes matter. America is not America without the contributions of the black community. America cannot be America, cannot fulfill its unfulfilled promise of freedom and liberty for all if we cannot ALL have a hope of being judged by our character and not our identity.
At this time in American history, perhaps the most needed voice to bring back hope of the dream being fulfilled, of freedom and liberty for all, is in the black leaders that are already beginning to step out and declare their American identity over their ‘black’ identity. It would be highly symbolic if the leaders of the people who began their role in this nation as 3/5 of a person would be the very catalyst that lifted up not only the black community, but all of us, to come closer and closer to the unfulfilled dream of freedom and liberty for all.

Article Originally Appeared on Paulgordoncollier.com