There are two Americas- the America of individual liberty and the America of state collectivism.
This article is correct, but for a couple of edits-
Progressives are the race traders here- they are poison to “Liberty America”
“Masculinity” (men actually being men) is poison to “progressive America”, because it needs docile citizens too afraid to fight back against its state power expansion.
Gun Culture is DEFINITELY poison to “progressive America” and their hopes of one day rounding up the remnant of “Liberty America” for re-education or worst.
Progressivism is a vile ideology that reduces human beings to useful cogs in a state machine, a machine run by evil scientists and regulators behind magical, rainbow-colored curtains.

Dylann Roof is just the latest in a long line of men clinging to dangerous ideology that spiraled out of control|By Chauncey DeVega

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