What I thought I was politically is changing. To some, I am evolving. To others, I may be devolving.
What is not changing is my commitment to the ideal of liberty as a right we inherit the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg.
What hasn’t changed is my commitment to seek the shadow of God’s law in the civic, which I hold to be liberty.
What IS changing is my understanding of the mechanisms through which that shadow is reflected, as well as America’s legacy in, partially, reflecting that liberty and, more completely, actually working against that liberty.
I will go forward where my explorations lead me, come what may. Though I realize in these times, where thought, where belief that is acceptable occupies an ever shrinking range, and is also ever visible and scrutinized, the cost for such exploration and the conclusions I may come to could cost me much.

Article Originally Appeared on Paulgordoncollier.com