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I said in an earlier post that if the left begins to push the Obama-Bush narrative heavily, consider the Obama base gone.  He will have been Bush-whacked.  Here is some evidence this may, in fact, be increasing.   I googled the phrase “Bush Obama” to see the type of entries I would get.  Here are some notables from the first 40 entries (first 4 pages):

The Slatest‎ – by Josh Voorhees‎ – 8 hours ago
MSNBC‎ – by Aliyah Shahid‎ – 1 day ago

Welcome to the BushObama White House: They’re Spying on Us…/welcome-to-the-bushobama-white…

3 days ago – The “BushObama era” will be long remembered for curbing the Constitution.

Obama Fact Sheet. Bush, Obama, Same Old Drama! Chronological
Obama Fact Sheet. Bush, Obama, Same Old Drama! Chronological listing of Obama’s dealings.

As Obama defends counterterrorism tactics, he finds himself in Bush…obamabush…/39bae3f6-cf82-11e2-…

1 day ago – Defending his counterterror tactics, the president finds himself in a situation similar to his predecessor’s.

Piers Morgan Now Claims Obama ‘Worse’ Than George W. Bush › BlogsRandy Hall’s blog

2 days ago – During Thursday night’s edition of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the liberal host harshly criticized President Barack Obama and his

Daily Kos: Americans Are Outraged Because in Voting for Obama…/-Americans-Are-Outraged-Because-in-Voting-for-Ob

1 day ago – Of those who voted for Obama, 87 percent strongly disapproved of the war in Iraq, 90 percent claimed McCain would continue Bush’s policies,

George W. Bush critics turn wrath on President Obama – Darren…/george-w-bush-haters-turn-wrath-on-obama-92388…

3 days ago – A club of Capitol Hill liberals made life hell for George W. Bush in his second term. Now the gang is back — and they don’t care that this time

President Obama/Bush Responds to NSA Spying — Daily Intelligencer…/obamabush-nsa-phone-comapred.html

2 days ago – At the end of a press conference this afternoon about something nobody cared about, President Obama took a question from the press and,

Obama National Security Policies Resemble Bush’s – Huffington Post…/us-obama-national-security/?…

2 days ago – WASHINGTON — Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama presides over a national security apparatus that in many ways still resembles

the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama…/all…bushobama/276635/

2 days ago – More and more, we’re counting on having angels in office and making ourselves vulnerable to devils.

On National Security, Obama Follows Bush’s Lead : It’s All Politics…/on-national-security-obama-follows-bush-s-lead

3 days ago – There are days when that photo you can find on the Web of President Obama’s and President George W. Bush’s faces morphed into each other

The BushObama Era – Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

2 days ago – Ron Fournier: “Welcome to the era of BushObama, a 16-year span of U.S. history that will be remembered for an unprecedented erosion of

George W. Obama Picture Criticizes Obama For Continuing Bush’s…/george-w-obama-picture-criticizes-obama-for-cont…

2 days ago – George W. Obama is a creepy picture making the rounds online that skillfully melds faces of the past two presidents, but for critics of the Obama.

So this last entry, George W Obama, triggered me to look to see how wide this narrative is spreading.  I did a google search for George W Obama and got this (highlighting here the entries from the left- though some from the right are picking up on this narrative as well):

George W. Obama‘ isn’t a very comfortable look for the – msnNOW…

1 day ago – A mashup picture labeled “George W. Obama” shows the increased criticism President Barack Obama is getting from the left for continuing

Huffington Post’s ‘George W. Obama‘ Front page – Business Insider…

3 days ago – The Huffington Post is one-upping the New York Times in friendly-fire criticism of the Obama administration today. With a brutal front page, the

He now has a Facebook page-

George W. Obama | Facebook

George W. Obama. 19751 likes · 9830 talking about this.

George W Obama viral picture shows president getting – Newsvine…/18850072-georgewobama-viral-picture-shows-p…
1 day ago – The picture of George W. Obama ran on the front page of The Huffington Post this week, accompanying an article about The National Security
———-gadsden review favicon real Judging from what I have seen today, the President has a critical problem with his base right now.  If I am right, you should start to see the President’s approval ratings plummet to the low 40s, maybe even high 30s.  The die-hard adherants to the Obama Presidency will no doubt begin to push a counter narrative, seeking to ‘educate’ the base on how Obama, why it might seem he is similar to George W Bush, is not the same person at all.  Perhaps the left will dust off some Katrina diatrives to help remind the left how much the hated Bush?