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Today’s Teaparty Retweet- Actually, this will be our first Teaparty Retweet. Unlike our #Teaparty Tweet Report, the Teaparty Retweet is only Retweets of Teaparty groups and Teaparty leaders that we follow on our Twitter Account @gadsdenreview.

——– gadsden review favicon real The chilling unfolding of the superspy government keeps kicking it up a notch.


——–gadsden review favicon real Not only is government not telling ‘average member’ of congress about wholesale spying, it might actually be SPYING on ‘average members’ of congress.  What could go wrong?


——– gadsden review favicon real Need to follow this story to see where it leads- could the DOJ really be prepping to prosecute Americans who offend Allah?  Eric Holder could not recall, has plausible deniability, etc…..


——–gadsden review favicon real Don’t have confirmation of this story, but, given how Petraeus reacted to the Benghazi ‘talking points’, this is not a complete surprise.


——– gadsden review favicon real I would wager there will be no smoking gun for Obama’s involvement with Teaparty groups.  He just puts the ‘right’ people in the ‘right’ places and allows them to do what they naturally do, oppress, demonize, spy, target, etc.



——–gadsden review favicon real Rising star, and one of our favorite youtubers, NewsNinja2012, Wayne Dupree.  Would love to see this guy have his own show on THE BLAZE.


——– gadsden review favicon real Really folks, this is a no brainer.  If you don’t have a degree in Journalism AND work for the MSM, how can you be protected under the 1st amendment?  After all, Thomas Jefferson himself went to Columbia University and was the anchor of NBC News Nightly from 1782 to 1793.  Wait!  NONE OF THAT is TRUE!


——–gadsden review favicon real Retweeted this to give a shout out and support to the Teaparty groups out there doing the hard work every day.


——– gadsden review favicon real Procavative article that Christians can understand this way- if you are not being attacked by Satan, it’s because he views you as no threat.  Same goes for the GOP- if you are not being targeted by the Obama regime, he views you as no threat.


——–gadsden review favicon real Love those Verizon memes.  Yes, we know that all the cell phone companies are involved (well, like 99 percent sure), but the Verizon meme is just the funniest.