What everyone wants to know is when did embattled Dem Senator Kay Hagen know that Obama was lying about keeping your plan:
Dem Sen. Dodges Question on When She Knew People Would Lose Their Insurance Under Obamacare

Blue Cross Blue Shield told the Raliegh News & Observer Hagan’s claim is false, and “she should know better”:

Today we asked her again about the estimated 473,000 residents that faced cancellations when the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, launched last fall and when she knew it might happen. Again Hagan did not answer directly. Instead she said she wanted to clarify something.

“The State of North Carolina under the insurance commissioner along with insurance companies in North Carolina, and if you had a plan, and you liked that plan, you can keep that plan in North Carolina,” Hagan said during an interview from the US Capitol. “And I have sponsored legislation to make that permanent.”

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